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Zoo Veldhoven

We are open!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Finally the moment has arrived!

We have moved mountains, some literally. It was a long road, but we're almost there. We have remodelled many a cage, made a brand spanking new Bamboo Jungle, built some brand new predatory bird lodges, given the entrance a totally new look and feel, expanded our collection of exotic animals, etc. etc. We have given all of our animals a beautiful, improved accomodation, with love.


Going abroad in Veldhoven

We at Zoo Veldhoven would like to introduce you to an exotic part of Veldhoven. Winged animals and without have all been housed in habitats that closely mimic their natural surroundings. A visit to our park isnít just fun, but educational as well. Should you wish so, we also have guides who can show you around and really put you in the picture.


For young and old

We know a proper visit to any park canít go without a coffee break and a bite to eat, to relax and let all the impressions sink in. Zoo Veldhoven has every possibility to do so. All throughout the park youíll find playgrounds for the children where you can relax, and they can run around.
We welcome you at Zoo Veldhoven, and will do everything needed to make it an unforgettable experience for you. You may choose any of our pre-made arrangements, or contact us  and make your own.