Nederlands Engels Duits Frans

General information

Opening hours

Open from Monday till Sunday from 10.00 till 17.00 o'clock.

Feeding the animals

Our animals love fruit, grapes, apples, mangos, pear, melon, as long as it fell from a tree or grew from a bush, they’ll be very happy to eat it. Feel free to take some from home and feed them. The only exceptions are nuts or citrus fruits. Most nuts contain too much oil, which will harm the animals. Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges or mandarins will also hurt their health. So please refrain from feeding them any nuts or citrus fruits. If you wish to feed them any nuts, please buy them at our store. We sell a special type of nuts that is tolerated well by the birds. They cost only €1 per bag, and will be accompanied by a special feeding stick, so that you won’t get bitten feeding the birds.

You may feed all animals, unless specified otherwise. The reason some animals are not allowed to be fed by you are usually medically. Please take this into account.

Entrance prices

Visitors Price
0 - 2 year Free
3 - 12 jaar € 12,50
13 - 64 jaar € 15,00
65+ € 12,50

*) When we’re unsure of any persons age, our staff is allowed to ask for a valid ID.

*) When visiting the park with a group of 20 paying persons and over, a discount of € 2 per ticket will be given.


Are you, or do you intend to become a regular at Zoo Veldhoven? Have we got something for you or have we: for only € 50 you will receive a personalised card which will allow unlimited access to our park. Also, you’ll shave off half the price of parking. Instead of a € 2 fee, it will be € 1.


We have plenty of paid parking space at Zoo Veldhoven. Parking your car at our terrain costs only € 2. Payment is possible at the cashier, who’ll give you a parking coin in return.


We understand as fellow animal lovers that you’d like to take your dog/ cat/ hamster/ etc. wherever you go. Regretfully we cannot allow any pets on our premises anywhere. We look after all of our animals carefully, and cannot risk them or your animal to get hurt of infected in any way. The only exception to this rule is a seeing-eye dog, which will have to be recognisably at work. It should come as no surprise that these dogs aren’t allowed into the bird cages either.


We want to offer you the best possible experience regarding our exquisite collections of animals as well as the surrounding nature. Of course garbage doesn’t belong in there. We therefore call on you to throw any waste into the designated bins. This way not only you, but the visitors after you will be able to enjoy their visit to the fullest, as well as keep the loose animals safe.